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We empower people to write their story.

We deliver innovative employment, health, and education solutions in six countries and more than 300 locations in Australia, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. Our customers include jobseekers, students, governments and local councils, employers and community organisations.

We believe that when people are empowered and supported, they can set themselves up for success. We use our international and local knowledge, skills, and experiences to help our customers create meaningful changes in their lives. This allows us to bring out the potential in our customers, colleagues and communities to create a brighter future for all.

Our 2,000 specialists use their lived experience of the barriers and circumstances our customers face, to provide tailored support. Our people live and work in the communities they support, buoyed by the resources, network, and financial stability of a global business.

Key Statistics


Years' experience


Global employees


People employed around the world

Managing to strengths

As a global leader in employment services, we know what we do best. We also know the importance of engaging a diverse network of stakeholders and as well, recognizing and enabling each of their strengths.

We build collaborative and supportive systems in an environment where everyone can succeed.

Putting clients at the centre of what we do

We build our system from the client out, to ensure that it’s guaranteed to meet the needs of those we serve. We focus on impact, not outcomes.

Comprehensive support

Together with our numerous community partners, we support all aspects of workforce development for our clients. We get to know our clients and ensure they get the training, skillsets and wellbeing support they need to start work.

Co-designing local solutions

Many of our staff have lived experience of the challenges our clients face, enabling them to effectively co-design pathways to employment. Putting clients at the centre allows us to continually improve our systems and service delivery. This allows us to find meaningful solutions for our clients, local partners and the communities we serve.

Our model

A global network with local roots. AKG was founded more than 30 years ago by Duncan Angus, a ‘boy from the bush’ who experienced his own challenges in finding meaningful training and employment.

Duncan co-founded AKG, with the belief that compassion, experience and skill development empowers people to make their lives and communities better.

Today, all of us at AKG remain true to its purpose: to empower people through employment, health, and education, enabling people to thrive in their communities.

We achieve this through our extensive global network, our consultant’s skills and lived experience, and commitment to our purpose.

Global network

Our extensive global network spans 300 locations over six countries, equipping us with hundreds of highly skilled experts, specialist knowledge and valuable contacts within thousands of communities.

Lived experience

Our services are designed and delivered by people with lived experience of the issues and challenges our clients face and insights from the customers we support. Our highly trained consultants support our customers with empathy, providing them with hope and understanding as well as practical skills.

True to our beliefs

We’re passionate about empowering people and helping them transform their lives. This purpose is what keeps us working, innovating, and growing to extend our support.

Proven impact

In 30 years, we’ve helped more than 1,000,000 people discover their skills and ability to write a brighter future. We continue to develop new programmes and opportunities that enable customers to make positive life changes and better communities.

Our purpose

We empower people through employment, health and education, enabling them to thrive in their communities.

Our values


We enable people to make their own decisions, and choose their own path based on what they want out of life.


We treat everyone with kindness and respect, connecting with their diverse backgrounds, lived experiences and unique stories.


We do what is right. We deliver to our commitments. We perform at a high standard.


We bring the best of AKG to improve the lives of our customers, staff, and communities.

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What we stand for


Our partnership model makes AKG different

At AKG Canada, we work to actively seek international, national and local partnerships, across corporate organisations, government departments and local community organisations.

We help employers overcome the increasing challenges involved in matching today's labour force with current business needs.

Genuine partnerships

We see the employers we work with as partners, and we make it our business to understand and respond to the needs of their community.


We are looking for like-minded partners to make a meaningful difference in the communities in which we live and work.

On-going support

We continue to provide support for at least six months after a job seeker is employed.

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